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(no subject) [Dec. 16th, 2005|07:49 pm]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |save ferris- Come on Eileen]

so the last couple weeks have been busy as all hell....

last weekend i worked a 36 hour strait shift, we had an overnighter...it was goodtimes. i was pounding low carb beers the whole night. i ran the regionals q on saturday and had 120 kids. it was fairly impressive. im so happy i outdrew starcity that day.. it was nice. alot of people are really starting to take me very seriously now. it was really really busy...i had a chance to have a talk with ed about some things. mostly work related. it was kinda nice.

Jim D got fired on wednesday! wow

so Ed really took me seriously. It must have been really hard to fire him. he has been there forever. but he was lazy, and i was getting sick of it. Ed fired him, which makes the place nice to work at for the next 3 months before i move.
we got our uniforms i designed just in time for the big weekend too, which was nice. i want to leave that place in alot better shape before i leave it. i feel bad for ed though.. he really wants me to stay. i dont blame him.

I got a chance to hang out with AJ yesterday, and did some xmas shopping. which was very weird. AJ and i are not exchanging....sooo who do i buy for??? i dont know. still. I bought something for Bo, and Frank. Adam too. the question is do i get stuff for, Angelo, mom, vanessa, tom, toms gf, ariel, charlie, mr., mrs. evans, Ed, lars???

i dont know.. i will figure it out

so, after... AJ and i hit mcgreggors, got to talk to some old coworkers. all the bartenders that were there were from when i was working...it was kinda funny. mellissa and dana were still there working.. we talked for a while... they were the only 2 waitresses that were not complete bitches when i used to work there. and we used to hang out at Jacques all the time. i had about a pitcher and a half of low carb beer.....having not eaten in 2 days..i was not in good shape.. and i decided to play in the tourney at work. it was good times. i dont remember any of my matches...but i went undefeated, and took down the tourney.. it was kinda funny.. i was so messed up against pat first round, i just counted out. i bet he was pissed. anyways....i gotta go switch my laundry and meet up with lars later...i havent seen him in 2 years.
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things [Dec. 4th, 2005|11:11 pm]
[mood |soresore]
[music |Blink 182- Dammit]

things have been things.

ive been working really hard for the past week, and i really havent had time to update, or do much of anything for that matter. Today i worked. woke up, picked up lorraine, went to the store...bitched about jim...obv. ran the torney... ed was a little stressed when i got here. and sacked for a while. things were fine until one kid decided he was just going to keep puking in front of everyone. how nice... i cleaned it up, and he just went back to eating pizza, drinking soda, being an idiot. and pukes all over again.. in front of all the guys back here...mind you on sundays i have about 50 kids back here for yugioh, and chuck has about 70 for magic... it was awful... how gross... so i got back to cleaning vomit on carpet again...FUN! worked. and the rest of the night went by kinda fast.

yesterday was fairly uneventful. work again... stayed after spend some time with my friends... which was nice. i havent really been doing so that often lately. got home passed out.

Friday i had the day off. and was not a fun day. i really planned about a month ago to be in syracuse for it bieng Dec. 2nd. and i really wanted to do something sweet for Elise. I had a really nice ring i got for her and i was going to show up with a picnic basket and have a good evening....instead i played poker all day, sore from going to the gym all week. Tomarrow is legs. i got to pick up ed after court and go tomorrow. having a car is great, with not having to take the bus back and forth to work i basicly just found 3 new hours in the day. so me, bo and ed are going to the gym 4 times a week, and i put together a fitness plan.. its feels great to be lifting wieghts all the time again.. and bieng able to do all the different machines.

so i pokered all dayt. i cannot wait until i get this money set aside for elise... I have been working my ass off to put it together. and it would be nice to be able to keep a promise for her for once... maybe she will see that i really have been like i said i have been. and that it hasent just all been because we split up.. i really want her to know that she was cared about. and i really started to get my shit together. i only wish i could do something you know??? I just feel like driving down there and seeing her and taking her out to dinner and going for a walk, talking and flowers, smiles, her eyes.... but i dont want to smother her. im not sure exactly what to do. i know she is really busy with school and all, and has her big presentation tomarrow. so i have been concentrating on putting the money together i owe her. i dont think that most guys would do that after spliting up, but thats not me.. she deserves what i owe her. i even got her socks with lady bugs that i have owed her for about 4.5 years now.

anyways, i have a long day tomorrow. hopefully it goes cool...
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"Nah Rick...It sure Looks like Goat Herpes to me..." [Nov. 27th, 2005|02:02 am]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Wrong Way- Sublime]

worked today...it was a ok.

im hoping that eddie sig goes for some bucks

tomarrow i have to work... running the torney for the little buggers...and ppv...ugh... i always dredge it when i have to run those events ...but i always love doing it...it just leaves me sooo drained. a couple weeks back a mother gave me a 25.00 tip... that was kinda nice. and today at the shop i saw a couple kids from the penfield shop show up and trade into me a giant stack of cards for bulk... i can turn it around for about 20 times what i paid for it which is very nice. rick and alex haag showed up today and i got a chance to talk with them for the first time in a while. it was nice to see them.

im starting a new poker book that al told me i need to read. its supposed to be the best system out there right now. and to lay off the killer poker. that system is wayyy to wild for me right now. the whole killer poker mindset is basicly go big or go home... which is great. but not now, not for me this moment. i need to practice more strait strategy before tuning my mindset. poker is a funny thing. it is all dependant on keeping control of your emotions. which i manage to do very well. its all about being able to be laid back enough that when a hand you should win 70 % of the time is one of those 30% you dont and not changing the way you would play the next one...its tough.. im practicin....i need to make some serious dough...fairly quickly. well. off to bed, long day tomarrow.
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turkey day [Nov. 25th, 2005|12:36 pm]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |white man in hammersmith palais - the clash]

Turkey day was interesting.
I spent the day playing poker. and doing very well. which made playing today for a loss fairly frustrating. oh well.

i had a brief conversation with elise and got cut off. she was pissed at her family for undermining her values, and wanting her to stay closer after college. i would not recommend questioning her Independence right now. she would not be happy, and she wasnt. i started calling too often and got dumped. then her dad was taking the car the next day... ouch. i wonder if he just wanted her to be stuck at the house for an extra day, cause i know she would have loved to just leave then and there. whatever happens i hope that her and her family dont begin to develop a bad relationship. they are such good people. they were always there for me, when my family was no where to be found. i really cared about them. and wish i could have said goodbye. if i knew last summer was the last time i would see them.... especially ariel. she is great. she always could make me smile, no matter what was going on in my life. and she loves her older sister. i was always wished i had a little sis like ariel.

either way. around 4 i went over to AJ's to relax. I had to get out of here. we hung out for a while. his whole family was there, they were really nice to me...alot of omg you look good...in thick accents. alot of europeen double cheek kissin, kinda took me back. i had a couple drinks, watched football and passed out. i think i may have called elise somewheres in there. i dont know...i hope i didnt say or do anything stupid...went to go brush off my car. and locked my keys in there. GGGRRRrrRR! I Started it to warm it up and grab the ice scraper.... i have really heavy doors... and my door swung closed.. What the FUCK! so i called AAA. and got the keys out and now my door doesnt open from the outside drivers side. I should be getting it fixed on thursday. i guess it really wasnt much of a big deal as it was annoying. but grr. when it rains it fucking pours huh? right now. i just want to have a good day. I wish i knew how to make the knot in my stomach go away. it just all doesnt seem right. i kinda cant wait until i go back to work i guess. I took a week off to go down to NJ for thanksgivin. and became uninvited. so it sucks. I wonder what im gonna do for Xmas? i had a week off for it. i might go to nj and be with my family. i dont know. none of this feels right. it just doesnt feel like its the way its supposed to be. ya know? maybe ill work instead??? i havent decided yet.
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(no subject) [Nov. 24th, 2005|09:08 am]
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |When i come around- Green Day]

is it just me or do i have some sort of grey cloud over my head?

I have a car. Ive lost 76 pounds. I have money. I have gotten my head on strait. i got a new computer. made up with my parents. and the bomb hits...

Elise and i are no longer together.

yea. someone up there really has it out for ole nathan.

She is too young to get married. And has alot she wants to do with her life, career, and herself....and i dont fit in to the picture. And it took me too long to get my shit together.

she deserves to be happy. she is a remarkable woman. more remarkable than she even knows... more remarkable than i ever really told her. She is going to make someone really happy. and whoever that ends up being with be luckier than they will even know.

its not easy to come to terms with this. Ive been trying for a while to improve myself to make her happy again and it looks like im too late. something feels like i should be out there trying to sweep her off her feet, make her love me again. and gallop off into the sunset. and something feels like i should just keep playing poker, go to school, establish my career, and live my life. Its tough. my heart is shattered. and theres just something about her that i have never seen in any other person. and i wish i could put my finger on it. i just dont know what it is. its just something you see in her eyes when she smiles. something that when she is happy, you see it. it makes you not want to ever leave that moment.

whatever she does, i hope she is happy.
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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2005|11:48 pm]
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Suddenly I'm Miss Beehive 1963... [Oct. 28th, 2005|02:25 am]
[mood |lonelylonely]
[music |Dont let me down- The Beatles]

So, all in all i guess things are going to be ok..

its the first time i have thought that in a long long time. Things have just been going well. I almost dont know how to deal with that. heh. I got a new computer. it looks like i might be getting my drivers licence sooner than i thought. I got a raise at work. ive been saving some money. Ive lost alot of wieght. My hair looks great! hahaha. ;). work has been really good.

ive been very lonely though. very lonely. Ive been spending my nights outside, smokeing, thinking about how things will be a year from now. everything is going to change. and its exciting...im looking foward to it. but it just makes everything i do day to day seem so trivial. it sounds lame. but my life is going to be turned inside out. its just alot.
It sucks that i have to put off my poker buy in because of car issues. but i will be excited to drive again. i really should be playing poker these nights. i dont know.
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I wasnt born, so much as i fell out, nobody seemed to notice me... [Mar. 23rd, 2005|01:07 am]
[mood |discontentdiscontent]
[music |Lost in the Supermarket- Clash]

This has been my first entry in a long time. my 4th in like 3 years or something silly like that. my life has just been that incredibly boring. Work, sleep, eat. and that is about it. not very exciting. Work has been shit lately. I am running the card part of my store solo and it is way too much to handle. it drives me completely out of my mind. and on the weekends i have to play babysitter and run the retarded yugioh events. because no one else can do it but me. it fucking blows. On saturday it was robyn's birthday. Ed's Fiance i guess, whatever she is, she is the baby of his kid. and hopefully that all works out, or else im gonna be out of a job. So i get a call from ed at around 7pm. "Who is working". Hi ed, how are you,...any ways so i go to robyns birthday party on the clock, and i kinda feel bad, and look like shit in baggy sweats and a magic 10th aniversery dork shirt. I shave in the back with a dull as shit razor i had from thanksgiving, and head out.
Carlson picked me up at the shop soon after and we headed to the mall to get last minute gifts. Im getting paid at the time, so i mind as well get something i figure. She just had a baby and i know that the niether of them have been sleeping for shit. so i got them some aromatherepy bath and bodyworks basket with pillow spray and the fucking works. 75 bones later i head off and its at california rolling downtown at village gate. Ive never been there before. Ive never had too much of a taste for sushi, and i always wish that i had. I really have a problem with the seaweed and thats the shit that keeps it all together. It is just very salty, bitter tart, and i just cant really take it, but im trying. so i get the most bland item on the menu, and a beer, which turned into 6. at 4 bones a piece kinda sucked. then im talking to carlson and bo, and i happen to mension with no offence what seaweed tastes like to me. I just have an awkward palatte i guess, and somehow refer to it as tasting like Ball-sweat. When my waitress turns the corner and is like "WHat taste like ball sweat?" Carlson is a dumb ass sometimes randomly. he mentions i think sushi taste like ballsweat in my opinion and she gave me a serious attitude the rest of the night. ehh. I ordered another beer, and didnt get, it... and ended up getting a plum beer that Bo ordered before, it made me feel really sick. I drank bo;s wine then, and another beer. ugh. talked the the big guy at theh place, and he was wicked nice. We spoke about sifu dave for a little while and that he would come in to the shop from time to time and work there at his convienience and do his thing. like at the shop. we spoke about the demonstration he has coming up on this thursday and i might bring elise to see it if she seems remotely interested in it. He told me how sifu would go in the kitchen and levitate forks and shit.

This guy is a real winner. Very strange guy i have come to know over the last 3 years. he is the spirit of a reincarnated llama (acording to himself.) and traveled to tibet for a number of years to train under a his master. (fact.) He is a gamer from geneseo that made his fortune sueing people without a law licence for a church of his (he is a minister) defending molested children, and streetfighting (strangely enough, Fact). he competes in major torneys when he needs bucks and is on his fifth marriage and currently plays hero clix, and COH for fun. ive heard of him doing and seen him do some strange things. Bend a nickle in half, make a 5 foot standing jump clearing the counter. his a 2 foot by 3 foot target throwing a playing card from about 40 yards. wierd shit. and he is supposed to have 5 world records, catching some arrows blindfolded and such.


i dont think robyn appreciated my gift in the slightest and bo showed up with a starbucks 20$ Gift certificate and a card and signed it from me and him. i wish i had my 70 bucks. me bo carlson and pulvino hung out for a little while while i smoked and we were going to go to a skin bar. but it was later than i thought and really had to work. and the places around here blow anyhow. and it was too late to drive to niagra or syracuse. so we scooped i came home and eqed with al a little while he got stoned. i went in my room and lied down for a little while and i heard AJ outside my door. what the fuck??? Frank comes over alot and plays poker at my house. I dont mind. he leaves his computer here and i use it alot. Im on it right now. but i have been really fucking fed up with him inviting people over when ever he wanted to. bo talked to him about it and hopefully it wont happen anymore and be a real problem. I got to bed around 6am, got my hour sleep and headed off for my 3 hour ride to work on sundays.. Yay. and had a shitty fucking day. fucking brats. after work bo came to the shop and we were going to go to the guild meeting and then grab a bite to eat. the meeting was canceled... what a waste. and jim wanted to come along, but he had no money for shit..understandbly, he just signed a lease for his new place.. my boss is getting out of his parents house finally at what, 23 i think? we went to city cafe diner and bleh, we had one of the worst waiters i have ever had. and had an argument with the guy at the counter. i ordered a soup, my food came he forgot the soup and i told him to forget the soup. and he charged me for it and got all fucking pissy when i wasnt going to pay for it. ugh.. got home, had a couple beers and i dont even remember what happened. i just passed out and woke up around 5pm monday. i played eq for a while with bo and got some heritage stuff done.. so anoying. hopefully it will be worth it. watched raw, talked to elise for like 10 minutes and played eq some more and went to bed. pretty lame day. but it is nice to have a fucking day off for once where i dont have to deal with anyones shit.
worked today. ed, chris rich, and jimO were there and i was able to do some sorting without being bothered all that much which was nice. and it went by kinda quick. got home talked to elise for like 20 minutes and im playing some eq right now, no one is home. which is nice. its never like this. there is always a million people here. even though its just me and bo living here.
Last thursday bo wakes up and kai li is on franks computer. frank wasnt even here and invited him over. ???What??? ugh.... i was soo fucking pissed. i threw a fucking fit. and then kai cheated me out in the torney and i couldnt handle it, i wanted to shoot myself. so bo and i went to mcgreggors and split a pitcher at my old work while we waited for the others to play dodgeball and we did a singles raw draft afterward, i went 3-2 and thought i could have done alot better. eh.. oh well. only 4 foils anyways.
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Stolen from elise [Jun. 10th, 2004|08:19 am]
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |Tomarrow never knows- the beatles]

Its 820 am and i dont know what the hell i am doing up, its sooo awkward my sleeping has been very off. My sleeping schedual for the last week

saturday none
sunday 6am-noon
monday 5pm-10pm
Tuesday none
Wednesday 1pm-6pm
Thursday 4am-8am

what the hell is going on? I have been waking up refresed so i dont know whats wrong, but its weird as all hell.

Said "I love you" and meant it? Yes
Kept a secret from everyone?: Yes
What time is it now?: 8:20am
Apples or bananas?: AEPPLES!

Blue or red?: Navy BLue
Walmart or target?: Well it looks like i might end up working at target now, so i will be able to have seen the dirty corprate underbellies of both...but for now target.
Spring or Fall?: SPRING, spring in Rochesta is soooo nice...NO MORE SNOW! hopefully

What are you gonna do after you finish this?: Cut my hair
What was the last meal you ate?: A Huge Steak. and fresca...ahh atkins
Are you bored?: Not terribly, i was cleaning up my room and got board of that, i cut my finger with a razor and have a big hunkin bandaid on the end of lefties pointer, and typing this is really trippy with it
Last noise you heard?: Little Kids Playing outside all distorted funny like through the fan in my window, like little schoolhouse Darth Vaders running around, its quite the experience
Last smell you sniffed?: All the weed in the air from the guys over
Last time you went out of state/province?: Went to philly just a couple weeks ago for a con.

|| Other Info ||

Criminal record? Cleeen
Do you speak any other languages? yea, my second language just happens to be..english

Name favorite things in your bedroom? Alex Ross GA Flash poster, corner desk, a pair of stuffed kissing disney pups, and about 30 autographes sports posters, cards, balls, and pictures all over

Thing you dislike about yourself the most: My Ankles
|| Finish the sentence ||

I Love to...Dance Barefoot on wet grass
I Miss..my Muffin
I Wish...tomarrow was christmas
I Hope... That I can make it through the next 2 years
I'm Annoyed by...freeloaders
I Am...2
I Want too Be...at peace with myself

|| Have you ever ||

Thought you were going to die: yes
Wanted to Run away: every time i did

+movie you rented: Secretary, and got Vince Fired from his job at hollywood for it
+movie you bought: Kill Bill
+song you listened to: the Clash- Stay free
+song that was stuck in your head: Tiny Dancer-EJ
+cd you bought: a second copy of tenacious D
+cd you listened to: Surfing with the Alien- Joe Satriani
+person you called: Elise!
+person that's called you: AJ
+tv show you've watched: I havent watched a television show since i lived in NJ a couple years ago, but i watched the entire sports night series on DVD a while ago, so i guess that will have to do
+you have a bf or gf: Uh-huh
+you have a crush on someone: Nope, sorry ladies.
+you wish you could live somewhere else: yea, anywhere with elise
++others find you attractive: Oh yea...No actually
+you want more piercings: yes, but i dont know where, i wish i had an extra appendage so i can pierce it, the current options are not quite what i want
+you drink: yup, vodka only now cause of Dr. Atkins
+you do drugs: Not allowed to, :(
+you smoke: yes, and i hate it, its sooo filthy, but i cant stop...sux
+you like cleaning: when i wake up in the morning
+you like roller coasters: yes!
+you write in cursive or print: Nads Patended Chicken scratch
+long distance relationships: they suck.
+using someone: against i guess,
+suicide: agianst
+killing people: not for recreation.
+teenage smoking: its really stupid, but it works
+premarital sex: i dont know
+driving drunk: Against
+gay/lesbian relationship: Not for me to judge
+soap operas: Those old dudes get sooo much tail.

+food: right now.. meat
+song: a day in the life- beatles
+book: Boys life
+thing to do: crush people in card games
+thing to talk about: Curling, its quite fasinating you know....
+sports: are the greatest testement of human achievement in the last 3000 years
+drinks: red headed slut..1 part jagermiester, 1 part peach snapps, 1 part cranberry juice
+clothes: as little as possible
+band/singer: Squeeze
+holiday: St. Groundhogs Day
+new nerdy saying: anything quoting shakespear
+ever cried over a guy: uh, never.
+ever lied to someone: no
+ever been in a fist fight: not in almost 8 months, working at the bar, and some dude made a dumb comment about me and was all over me, i felt kinda bad after elise scolded me for a while but i beat the poor drunk guy pretty bloody bad
+ever been arrested: Nopes

+of times I have been in love: Can only be in love once
+of times I have had my heart broken: Twice
+of hearts I have broken: Zero, im pretty sure
+of girls I have kissed: 9
+of boys I have kissed: zero...bummer
+of drugs taken illegally: 4 is all i can remember, maybe 5, im a little blurry about the last one.
+of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends: 13
+of people I consider my enemy: 3
+of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: about a dozen
+of scars on my body: Lets see..20 stickches taking a baseball bat to the face, one on my head you can see when my hair is short, a busted open knuckle, an axe to my calf, left sholder my step dad hitting me with a lamp, 3 cigarette burns, 2 on my left arm from my stepfather and one on my wrist...Knife misshapes.. Foot, throwing knives into logs and trying to get them to stand strait up, yea... well i missed and ruined a perfectly good boot, side of hand, about an inch long, bad sharpening experience, cooking...side of left thumb about half and inch cutting celery i think, left middle finger, piece missing off the tip of my right pinky, 3 slices out of my right middle finger, across the top of my right pointer, two burns on my right thumb, the word WHY carved into my left wrist, and the word Fear into my right...
+of things in my past that I regret: not a solitary one
+disney movie: Robin Hood
+scent: Elise
+word: Voodle
+nickname: Nads, the rook, nate, and schlong man
+guy name: Alexander,
+girl name: Rain
+eye color: Hazel
+flower: Birds of paridise
+piercing: none
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philly [May. 24th, 2004|05:08 pm]
[mood |nerdynerdy]
[music |corey hart, i wear my sunglasses at night]

Its been a long long time since i have used livejournal.
Reading barrons silly little site Barronvangortoth.com, he was ranting and raving and raving and ranting, i decided to check out livejournal and see if people were even still writing on here.

I just got back from philly early this morning for wizard world. Im still really really upset that i did so completely average, and missed top 16 on saturday. 17th out of 113, how lucky. one of these days its gonna kick in and i wont keep getting mised. I hope it just kicks in before origins. I cant believe its only a month a way. Ohio should be a good time, at least the events happen all night. unlike the shitty 6pm close down in philly, what bullshit.

We got in philly around 7 on friday, somehow it took 8 hours to get there????? between forgeting tickets, frank oversleeping, and not being able to find a gas station in binghamton...we checked in and were able to enjoy the 30 dollor a day parking the marriot had to offer. the hotel was very nice, and conviently located adjacent to the convention center. Frank passed out on the bed, and elise came over. we bummed around for a little while all a little drained, throwing paper airplanes and sugar free gummy bears at frank. Elise had to take out her contacts, so me, al elise, and vinnie all went for a walk around and headed over to miranda's. we passed someones prom limo just a chillin on the side of the road. we pick up miranda and head over to diner number 3 if i remember right. i was really feeling sick to my stomach, not eaten in 2 days, and really naucsous from the car ride, i ended up just haveing a coke, we chilled for a little while, it was a little lame, but i was sick and didnt sleep the 2 nights before, al and vinnie were both exauhsted, elise and miranda didnt seem to enjoy the time so much. we headed back saw the same limmo on the way back several hours later and for some reason it was slightly amusing at the time as it pulled away when we got there like it was waiting for us. we get back to the hotel and frank was just gettting up. Al got into his machine and elise passed out. i tried to sleep, i really did. but i just could not. so i met up with frank and vinnie just chilling on the third floor, with there decks, shooting the shit. i pulled up a chair and they told me about there exploits while i was trying to sleep. the drunkard eagle singing old man who needed to be escorted home and the security guard so politely informing them that they are were partaking in some seriously unauthorized cardplaying in the banquet hall. we bullshitted for a couple hours about old video games and girls, and the shitty pizza rochester had to offer. things that seemed so important to discuss at the time but was obviously just to make up for the fact that we were there. it might seem odd, but you can just tell we were just a couple of guys all upset for being there, not the convention in particular, but in this point in our lives. having a good time and all but never actually going anywhere. its wierd to explain. and i dont really think you could understand unless you were there. we headed back to the hotel room around 5 am and i commented that the pool looked really nice. but somehow the mirage i saw was not a pool at all it was a strange reflection of far away glass on the mirrored wall and there was a wall ten feet infrount of me and i thought it was a window to the "pool room" it was quite convincing. so for some reason we went to go check out the pool, knowing it was closed for another hour, but maybe we would take an hour to find it and it would be perfect. we ended up at the gym somehow in its stead and worked out for a little while till the pool opened, and we went to sleep. no pool, but working out at 6 am was just right for what we needed to fall asleep.

we got up bright and early at 15 minutes to 8.

thats a SOLID one hour and forty five minutes of sleep in my last 72 hours without a single meal.

bright eyed and bushytailed, ready to play in a 7 hour event ive been preparing for for months. for those who are not used to playing cardgames competively, its is quite the opposite of playing fun games for the time in the event, but more like taking a serious standerdized test. we hit the restaurant downstairs before heading to the convention hall, we all got there breakfast thing, with the guy making omlets and the breakfast sausage...and that was pretty much all i could eat. so i had my fill of eggs, sausage and cheese cubes for 20 dollors each. and we headed off to the convention. vinnie didnt prepay for an event ticket so his ass had to wait in line, while we waited in a nother line to get little sleeves for our tickets basicly and free worthless shit. i found someone selling a pass for 20 so we grabbed vinnie and headed to the event. we all registered and the torney got underway pretty quickly. there were 113 peeps. in the mean time i went around to check out the dealers... met up with dave, and gary a couple dealers i knew from when i used to deal in thee shows back in nj, we reminised and shot the shit, i didnt want to get in the way from them selling so i got going. all kinda dealers there, wizkids were there and Upperdeck had there Yu gi oh and marvel vs. shit going on. running there shitty ass events. I met up with myatt and scott from the fade from blue series. Im glad to see they were doing well. i remember when they were still doing 2/10 and we shot the shit and reminissed on how they have been doing in the last 2 years. I havent seen myatts stuff in cosmo lately so i was wondering if they were going alright, but they seemed just fine. there were a handfull of pornstars there. 4 tables. one of which was on the other side of the convention making some money selling some of her prints. then there was ariana in by the gaming area charging for photos and such, and her friend a little asian girl who did fetish stuff. and they were all dressed real conservatively with alot of class. and none of them made half as much money as the marketing genious a table away. some random shitty pornstar one of the worse vivid girls. but she showed up in school girl gear with her tits hanging out and everything, making milllllions. she was charging 10 bucks for a photo with her, not even with a digital camara and printed, but a fucking polariod...then charged 20 bucks to sign it! haha! so for a slim 30 bucks she can scrible her name on a blurry polariod with you and her ugly ass face and a pair of big tities. snd it was non stop she must of did about 50 an hour solid during the corse of the weekend not to mension selling her own shit. but that was because se was willing to trash herself out. she was much uglier than the other girls, but she would bend over in front of the fat horney comic boys and be practicly sticking her leg behind her head. what a site, she made more money than anyone in the building. and she was but ugly with big fake silicone breasts. what idiots all the guys are.

so the event gets underway

i had the lucky opportunity to go against my 6 worst matchups in the game....china, HHH, evolution, jamie noble, los, and dude. and somehow out play them all to a 4-2 record. but because of some average tiebreakers i got 17th place out of 113! cuts to a top 16, I WAS SOOOOOOO PISSED....oh well. Frank went 6-0 with my and bo's test design. and lost in the top 16 to fucking 3 minute, and got dumbguy teched right out, and it was the only tech around.

during the event Hurricane showed up which was really sweet. he is proly my favvorite guy on the wrestling show right now, and he was just walking around chillin, and it took a while for anyone to notice him. i got a sustained signed by him. he is a pretty cool dude. check out his site, Shanehelms.com... and fucking virgil was there, Wahoo. he tryed chargeing 20 bucks for his autographs for vinnie and frank, yea right, so he just signed them for free. the beast master was there, and the dude that gets choked out by vader with the force in the first star wars, and some dude that plays the bad guy in all the fucking buffy shows, xena, and all of that. and not to mension....eliza dushku...

people were going fucking insane for eliza. she was going to be there for only an hour, and there were 300 people in line to see her at least. she probly only got to actually sign for about 35 people max and these guys were standing in line for at least 4 hours and they dont even get to come even close to seeing her.

so after the event we head over to the hotel, and elise comes over. the guys go out to get drunk and find some "massage palour" on south street and aparantly they cleaned it all up since the last time they went there and all got sloshed and laid by the asian masouses and smoked soo much weed that they had no idea how all the asian girls found all of there money and they didnt...oh well they had a fun time last time and sadly enough not the scetchy places this time as they hoped, oh well. i got to spend some time with elise and now its been 85 hours with only one meal and less then 2 hours of sleep i passed out. It was kinda nice. i dont think i have slept like that since high school. i really wanted to go out and so did elise, but i dont remember exactly everything. just waking up at eight the next morning and falling asleep before elise for the first time ever.

the next day was a blur...i really didnt eat anything for breakfast, i got shafted in draft. my two losses, my opponents apologized for winning cause they got lucky. for both my opponents to do what they did they had to defy somethign like 7000-1 odds, how lucky i am again...

the drive home was long and terribe it rained, and there was fog and it just sucked. all i remember was this guy in front of us in really thick fog decides its a good idea to just stop, in the middle of the lanes, for no reason, and then go. not pull over. you can only see about 2 feet ahead and he just stoppes and sits there with no one else on the road for about 2 miles. his licence plate spelled out bag....what a bag.

so we change cards in cuse and head over home, and passed out. that was philly.. it was ok, it went by way too fast, but oh well. ive gotta go finish cleaning, so i guess i may right here again, or just wait another year...eh.
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